Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Switzerland :]

Not me going there. my dad ny
Business forced him to go there.
Well, im happy for him :)

Its so wonderful to be in Swiss
I want to go there really badly :(
But still, not enough moneyyyy. hehe
InsyaAllah ada rezeki dapat lah pergi. yeayyyyyyy!
S.A.B.A.R :D

Hehehhee, my dad told me Switzerland was really damnly beautiful!
Haha, he try to make me jealous or what? hehe. jokejoke :)
Switzerland huh? :D
Wishhh can go there somehow, somewhere & someday *what am I talking?
Hancur English :D

Ummm, what else? haha

Oh yea, my dad bought some chocolatesssss which is my favourite all time. HAHA :D
Then, bought fridge magnet for my mom. her favourite!
Pegi mana-mana, mesti nak beli fridge magnett :D
Berat dah fridge kat rumah ni.LOL
(takde la bnyk mana pun, saja je saya nak over sikit :D)

Then, bought Tee-Shirt for us :D
I am wearing it NOW!
Jealous? Don't be :P

Snap.snap :D

Nice isn't? :D
I wanna go there! huh
*tetibe nak demand pulakkkk~

D E S I R E :D

Why was I born with so little money? HAHA. kidding ny. I am grateful with my life now. reallllllyyyyyy grateful. Im Bless by Allah. Amin :]
 I should be travelling business class to America about to enjoy a luxury holiday. LOL. and again! Im dreamin =='' But I do need holiday in the sun lying on a sandy thats what i really need.
Switz got beach or not? heheheh :D

And and NOT to forget :D
Hahaha. my simple mimple teeShirt dat my dad bought.
I seriously din wanna post dis :/
 but requested by Anissa. HAHA :D
She really want to see this :P

Theeeeeseeeeeeeeee! :D

Hahha :D
Mesti Ica pelik!
Weirdos :P

Yela, ada nama Amsterdam kan kan kan? :P
This TeeShirt was bought at Amsterdam. haha
Sama jela kan. kat Europe jugak kot~ ==''
I told ya` rite?
Its simple :D
But I do loveeeeee it  

Oh yeahhh :D
& Dis is my super duperrrrrr dad :D

Nice car huh? weeeeee^^
Nak naik gak! HAHA

Well, I hope sooner or later I can visit Switzerlanddddd!
Seriously hoping. huhu :/
Switz - Where I can find serenity. hehehe
Maybeeeeee leh~

Hoping it will come true soon.
Amin :]

"Travel" - a method of getting from A to B, a growing experience. A chance to visit new places and learn about new cultures. So why can't is be a Joy I'm sure it's suppose to be.

Stay Tuned
Salam :)



  1. hoi!
    bile aaayah awk gi tu??
    na pegi jugak..
    bile awk gi..
    ajak sye..
    heh heh heh

  2. Bila? LOL :D
    I told you dy. HAHA
    Tak ingat ahh tu.
    Saya pun nak pegi jugak
    Takpe2, nanti kita travel sama-sama. hehehe