Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Envy The Ugly Truth!

..Drums Rolls..


Euwww.sounds boastful. haha
Ok, actually this is my new blog title. hehe. tu je kot. 
Anyway, I pretty like this title because its a bit catchy. heh. abit ony. dont questioned it. My opinion because its my blog. HAHA. By the way, I'd rather hear the ugly truth than the pretty lie, dont you? wooo. World now are full of liars! 
==''  HEHE. BUT! Im not saying that all my blog's contents are fake, its not that.  The truth aren't always great and I dont have to apologize for telling you The Ugly Truth.  Nyway kan kan kan, this title maybee tak permanent kot. hehe. because I still love my old title. hehe. we'll see how it goes then. That's all for now.

Peace & Love
Stay Tuned

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Followers :')

Just drop by to say



Dear Followers again ,
 I dont know what it is made you follow my blog, but thank you for doing it 
                                                                          Love, me :D

Peace & Love
Stay Tuned

East Coast Mall :)

Hehe. yesterday going to ECM. I've decided to wear GREEN! Ho yeahhh :D
G date. hahahaa. just kidding. dont tell me you believed it dy?! :D
Its funny right? ada sense of humour kan kan kan? er.... ==''
Fatah ckp kata nak pki hijau
Then sy jawablahh. ni hijau lahh :D
Pastu awk ckp ni hijau tua. erkkk? kan kan? awk ckp gini kan? entah. I cant hear it clearly. hehe. sorry. sbb tu sy diam je pastu :)
Ouh. gambar! yeah yeahhh
Check it out

Hehhe. gambar je lebih :D
Okay okay. went to ECM, sajasaja je. lalalala
Fatah and Aida join. hehe. pergi makan BR. woshhhhh. sedapp giler kot xD

Ice creammmm. best woo. ada org belanjaaa :D
Kat BR jumpa senior SMKAA. ex dah actually :P
Bagus mereka kerja! Tekun. cehcehhh :D

Then, jalanjalanjalan. Aida g shopping :P
Tak belanja sy pun. HAHA. gurau gurau
Dia beli baju kan kan kan? entah. sy nmpk mcm baju.
Bnyk duit minah tu :P

Hehe. jumpa Syamim*tu pun nk ckp, biarlah* ex Tok Sera batch 2007 
She's prettay! seriously. cantik sgt. hehe

Ok then, selama 4jam kat ECM. kita org jalan jalan jalan je. hehe
Klu certain org mesty bosan, tapi kami gembira. haha..kot? :P
Then, dah pukul 5:3Opm tu Ibu datang. jeng jeng jeng.
Haha. org tu kan dia kan segan giler kan? :P
Smpi jalan mcm tortoise. haha. sgt lambat nyaaaa
Ibu datang then jumpa Aida dan org tu. pastu lepak di KFC. bualbual. hehe
Sesi perkenalan kot. ehem2. anywayy, awk nmpk handsomee lahh xD
Haha. Ibu belanja burger zinger. mmg sedap habis! :D
Grr...nak lagi nak lagi nak lagi! :)

Figure #1

Figure #2

Figure #3

 Figure #4

Figure #5

Very innocent. haha. seriously :)
Tak tahu napee, tapi gambar candid lagi handsomee.
This pic was taken when he's talking with my mom. tak ingt dah borak pasal apa :D
So, yesterday was a joyful. heh
Awhhsome! :D Me loveee it
Hehhe. thanks to Liyana sebab tolong teman. hehe
Thanks to my mom also. hehe
Thanks to him also. ayayaya  ♥ 

 Oh. haha. amik pix dgn Aida si comel dlm toilet. hehehehehe

 Hehe. then jalan jalan jalan pastu balik ahh~
Peace & Love
Stay Tuned 

 ♥ ♥   

Saturday, December 25, 2010

From me, to you. Again.

First Of All: I wanted to write about this since last Thursday.
You are amazing. You are wonderful. You are unbelievable. You are awesome. You are nice. You are kind. You are what you are. You are handsome. You are alluring. You are yummy. You are intelligent. You re sweet. You areindulgent. You are smart. You are great. You are everything that girls want. You are the one for me. InsyaAllah.
I Love You even more everytime I see you Mohd Al-Fatah.
You made my day and I wanted to write about it :)
When Im older and my lil girl ask me who my first true love was, I dont want to have to pull out the old photo album. I want to be able to point across the room and say ''he's sitting right there'' I trully believe you are the one. InsyaALLAH. You are the one I want to spend my life with. You are the one I want to get married with I want to live with it, I want to have kids with, I want to get old with. I really love being with you. I love you so very much and really wanted to tell the world about it (even if no one in the world reads this).  Love like ours is hard to find. Thank you for all you've done 

I love your personality. I love your smile and your laugh. I love the way you carry yourself. I love the way we have everything in common. I love the way you make me feel, which is something I've never felt before. I love how beautiful you are, inside and out. They just combine together and create a beauty that I've never seen before.
That's why I am so captivated.

Stay Tuned

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Growing up

We all are growing up. People grows up? isn't? cliche statement? whateverrrr~
I am really not in mood ==''
So, I'll just post that we are all growing up? bored? whateverrr~
We could't even wait to grow up?
Not me. I cant believe that Im turning 16. It was likeeee.ahhhhh. no idea what to write.
I guess, thats all for now. BYE!

Peacee and Lovee 

Stay Tuned

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Let's keep talking about love

Love Love Love
Its the soul of genius   
When I was sleeping, got text from him. He is so sweeeeet! :D

There's something you need to know about my life.I have a family, I have Friends. I have cousins. I have teachers. They are all in my life and I Love Them So Much. But, I told myself. If there's no someone special. Would my life be complete? Would my life be memorable? And I told myself. No! If there's no someone special, Ima guy with no humanity, and I can get myself killed. Baby, this is the truth. It came from my heart. Baby, I Love You So Much ♥ I need you by my side. I need your love. I need you in making our life more comfortable. I need you in our book of Love. I need you in my dreams. I need you in real world. I need you in my HEART. I need you in my every minutes of counting. But, the most is I need you when Im alone.I dont wanna be alone. Im scared of it. And I dont wanna be in the dark. Baby, you are my PRECIOUS!

Mohd Al-Fatah 

This was another one.

I told myself. Things about you. I told myself, without you, there wont be love again. I told myself, woithout you, there wont be something new. And again. I told myselg, without you, I wont be easy to smile and I have no reason to smile. And and and afain, I told myself, WITHOUT YOU! I'LL BE EASILY CRY! NEXT AGAIN. I TOLD MYSELF! WITHOUT YOU, THERE WONT BE ANYONE IN MY HEART! THE CONCLUSION IS, I need you baby. We spend times together, but it wasn't enough. I need you. Always. I pray that may Allah S.W.T. give us happiness. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY. I always love you. Although, I make many mistakes. You always forgive me. I appreciate all of your kindness. I know that you will be the one and the only in my heart. I ♥ you Baby :)


I Love You So Much
Words can't expressed how much this Love

Stay Tuned

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My result.

What's up? Ceiling's up. hehe.
Kidding ny. huhu
 Talking about my result. Its so sad leh. huhu
Im so frustrated! Frust frust frust! :O
Jealouss sangat kepada sesiapa yg dapat straight A's tu. yang dapat 8A keee. huh! :(

''Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tidak berguna''
Ni lah jadinyaa. haihhhh
Target 9A! Konon. tapi mmg dah agak takkan dapatnyee~
Tapi actually happy la gak sebenarnya. hehe
Sebab klu kita teruk, ada lagi yang lebeh teruk dari kita. huhu. kann?
I had failureee! :(

Okayy. my result?
7A 1B 1C
It was pathetic. is it?
Ada C
Arab yang dpt C ==''
Terpikir klu drop Arab awal2 kan best? huh
My best friend, she got 9A!
She deserved it anyway. huhu
Im happy for ya`
Tapi ada satu student tu, dia dapat mcm saya lah result dia.
But still, now she's studying at Egypt. amik medic. weehehehe
She's my role model. She's beautiful and brainy. haha
Tak kata pun sapa yang dapat result mcm ni akan jadi mcm dia. Adehhh ==''
Just sebagai penyuntik semangat. penyuntik? betol tak guna perkataan ni? :P
So, kalau dapat result mcm ni pun tak semestinya masa depan takkan berjaya? KAN? :D
So, dont give up! There's still hope in the futureee.
InsyaAllah! :)
''Dont despair and never lose hope''

So.hehe. ni sebelum amik result PMR. huhuhu
Sedih je mengenangkan result. huhu

 So, ni selepas. hehe
Even ada C utk Arab, tapi tapi tapi
I should be grateful daripada takde A langsong! :O
So, tak salah kalau sy happy sikit
Focus more on SPM!
Chaiyokkkkk Chaiyokkk Chaiyokkkkk
Tapi still cemburu dgn straight A's!
Cemburu sangat kat yang dpt 8A gakk. huhu

So, congrats to all my beloved friends!
Flavourrr Loveee :D

*I smilee like a FAKE DONKEY ==''

Bangga dengan awak awak awak semua! *hancur BM. hehe*

Gurau je okayyy
Bukan nak balas apa pun
Good way of revenge :P

Stay Tuned

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's coming :O

Oh my goshh. The date! the date! the date! the dateeeee~!!!!!
23rd December 2010
Its tomorrow!
This is like freaking me out. ahhhhhhh :O
Good luck to all PMR candidates!
Tomorrow. its tomorrow. I just can't believed it!
I dont have any idea about my upcoming result
Pray for the best
Straight A's! 9A'S!
InsyaAllah. tapi rasanya memang tak dapat ==''

Nervous nervous nervous :O

Take me away 
A secret place 
A sweet escape
Take me away
Take me away
To better days 
Take me away
A hiding place!!

Stay Tuned

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

O babe :D

Wello! :D
How was your day? minee? Im too tired today. round satu East Coast Mall Kuantan. penat ==''
Jalan cakap ketawa gossip merepek-repek dengan kawan. haha. mana tak penat. tapi tadi tgk baju. hehee. rambang mata. sampai tgk patung lelaki pun. fuhh. handsomee!
Thanks to all my beloved friends, my brother and my....friend. you know who xD hehe
Oh ya, tadi pegi ECM ada something yang memalukan berlaku. bagi yang tahu, senyap-senyap jela yea. But Im so happy today bcoz as this will be consider my last chance to hang with my friends. maybeee. hehe. yelahh. kalau result teruk, ingat dapat keluar ke?

Anyway, THANK him  :)
Heheh. napee awak handsome sangat tadi? HEHE :D
I can't take my eyes off you. seriouslyy. geramm je tengok.
Tapi, we shouldn't be that shy. hehe
I Love You 
Ok. byee! :)

Stay Tuned 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Good...dawn. hehe

Salam, Hey-O
What's up? O my goshh. I can't sleep for the very first tyme. ok maybe second tyme. I guess its the third tyme. Ya, I think so. probably fourth...or else fifth? sixth? seventh? SHUT UP! The main point is I can't sleep. so I decided to update my blog, online my faceB only then, right now, I feel sleepy. extremely sleepy like my eyes turned red dy =='' I don't know what the hell happened to me. Iguess Im too tired? adoihh. penat mesti ahh tido! tak faham. Okayy, what actually happpened is my hand. its hurt. I can feel it. Its really hurt! maybe sbb tadi cat kot. sakit giler giler giler! Eshhh, sakit gilerr tahu? Rasa mcm urat ni tegang je. muscle pain kot. ke muscle stretced? cehhhh. MUSCLE??? :O 
Pewiiitt, ada muscle. hehe. pukul 4:44am pun nak buat lawak. lawak ke? haha. I can't sleep bcos of my hand. tsk tsk tsk T_T Its really hurt. I wish someone can hold it and tell me ''Ariana, your hand are safe in mine'' HAHAHHAHAAHAHAHHAHA. cakap sendiri gelak sendiri. sah tak betol ni ==''
I guess I really need to use Mr. Bean's tactic lah. ''Start counting the sheep'' hehehhee. good idea huh? :D yeah yeah.

Woahh. cutie pie :D
Okayy okayy. I guess. I guess let's have something to bite. hehe. there's my mom's tiramisu cake in fridge. Jom makan nak nak nak nak nak? Jomlah. lapar ni. lepas makan, chill chill dulu, solat subuh then tido. mesti beres xD

Stay Tuned

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥