Friday, December 24, 2010

Let's keep talking about love

Love Love Love
Its the soul of genius   
When I was sleeping, got text from him. He is so sweeeeet! :D

There's something you need to know about my life.I have a family, I have Friends. I have cousins. I have teachers. They are all in my life and I Love Them So Much. But, I told myself. If there's no someone special. Would my life be complete? Would my life be memorable? And I told myself. No! If there's no someone special, Ima guy with no humanity, and I can get myself killed. Baby, this is the truth. It came from my heart. Baby, I Love You So Much ♥ I need you by my side. I need your love. I need you in making our life more comfortable. I need you in our book of Love. I need you in my dreams. I need you in real world. I need you in my HEART. I need you in my every minutes of counting. But, the most is I need you when Im alone.I dont wanna be alone. Im scared of it. And I dont wanna be in the dark. Baby, you are my PRECIOUS!

Mohd Al-Fatah 

This was another one.

I told myself. Things about you. I told myself, without you, there wont be love again. I told myself, woithout you, there wont be something new. And again. I told myselg, without you, I wont be easy to smile and I have no reason to smile. And and and afain, I told myself, WITHOUT YOU! I'LL BE EASILY CRY! NEXT AGAIN. I TOLD MYSELF! WITHOUT YOU, THERE WONT BE ANYONE IN MY HEART! THE CONCLUSION IS, I need you baby. We spend times together, but it wasn't enough. I need you. Always. I pray that may Allah S.W.T. give us happiness. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY. I always love you. Although, I make many mistakes. You always forgive me. I appreciate all of your kindness. I know that you will be the one and the only in my heart. I ♥ you Baby :)


I Love You So Much
Words can't expressed how much this Love

Stay Tuned

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