Sunday, April 24, 2011

.How he hate JustinBieber so much.

Assalamualaikum :)
lama tak update, kan? Past few months ni, mmg dah malas nak update blog..seriously, malas! 
-.- Ni pun nak update pasal above title, hahaa..Ya, guys..I have no idea why they hate Justin Biener so much! Especially, si dia tu! Grrrr, kenapa awk tak suka Justin Bieber? Duhhh, awk ni kan..geram tau..haha..boleh awak cakap, I prefer Micheal Jackson than Justin Bieber. Halohh, awak lebih minat MJ yang buat hidung palsu tu? hehehe..accept the fact that Justin Bieber is loved by many people, sayang :P
Yes, last night, he text me..our conversation :)

Saya nak gosok gigi sekejap ye?
Okay :)

After 15minutes++

Dah ke?
Yeap, tgh buat apa ni?
Jap ehh, jap tau..saya nak tgk Justin Bieber jap..hehe
WHAT!! Justin Bieber? Ewwwww :/
Syg -.-
Tgk la dulu Justin Bieber ye? Saya nak g kemas buku jap..

Am not replying his text..HAHAHAHHAA
After Im done watching Justin Bieber performance in YouTube..he text me..and I started to being childishh..hihihi..sape tak merajuk, okay? huhu :P

Oh and yes, did you watched Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl? OMG! That gal is so damn luckeyhhhhhh! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!~~ Serious bertuahhh! >.< Nak jugakk! *over* and and and and..dia pegang Justin Bieber okay? walawehhhhh! Eh, ada alas okayyyy? Grrrr..jealous nih..and and and..Justin Bieber sing for her! He touched that gal punya chin okay? wow! HAHAHA..serious..sweetest moment everrrrr! Mesti girl tu tak kan mandi..hahaha..Then, lastlast, Justin compliments her! GOSHHHHHH! Dia dapat shaked hand dgn Justin!?!?!?! Like!@#$$%^&*%$! Nak jugakkkkk..hahaha..Justin Bieber pakai glove okay? tak bersentuhan pun...nak jugakkkk! :'O HAHA, its gonna be awesome if I can go there! HEHE, Im not even asking my mom..dah tahu takkan dapat punyer...tapi serious..because of JUSTIN BIEBER, I know what is fanatic fans is..I guess Im one of them..hihi..and yeahhh, you should see that gal smile's! Sampai ke telingaaa! HAHHA..
I think I can read her lips..she keeps on saying OHMYGOSHHHOHMYGOSHHHHHOHMYGOSHHH! 
I love you Justin Bieber..Thankyou so muchhh..I love you co much..thank you youu! OHMYGOSHH, again -.-
*Ariana, cakap je jealous* AHHAHAHA :D
Well, Im happy wif that girl..seriouslyy! Oh goshh :D
Tgk la kat YouTube kayy?

.Sorry my dear.
I know how much you hate him :D

Peace & Love

Stay Tuned


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