Sunday, July 3, 2011

The great Homemade Apple Pie

Assalamualaikum..second post for today. haha. excitednya mengupdate blog -.- 
Yesterday, my mom made Apple Pie. haha. good but! tertinggal satu ingredients untuk filling! All-purposed flour! HAAAAA, nahh, sokay, 1st try kan? it turns out well and yummy. can resist! I love the blend of lemon and cinnamon taste in the filling. GAHH, with the fresh and hot apple juice. ahhh, this make me swallow my salive. haha. anyway, it was awesome and a success effort made by my mom. heeee. peek-a-boo everybody :D

Thankyou mom for this delicious homemade Apple pie.

Yeah, next week nak try buat chicken pie pulak! AHHH, cant waitt! then, chocolate pie! Fuhhh :D We'l see..haha..I do think my mom should be a chef..jiran cina bkang rumah ni pun suruh ibu tlg masak masa rumah dia ada function..haha..*cehh, padahal, jiran belakang rumah je* haha, biarlahh :P jealous much? ;)
~Cause you're the Apple to my Pie~
HAHA *outofta topic*
Love, me  

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