Friday, July 1, 2011

July, its seven, eleven

Asssalamualikum. How do you start you first day of July? happy? sad? ordinary? random? extraordinary? etc? As for me, this remind me of SPM! Kayy. shuhhhhh shuhhh shuuhhh, dont wannna think about it. I feel so silly! SPM next yearrr! And, Im still lyke...duhh, relax lah, chill. haha..mmg mentaliti org Melayu, kan? cehh..okay okay, mmg mentaliti saya sorang je sedemikian. haha. nanti dah dekat, mulalah hectic. ya ya ya..WELL, not to say lah kan, next week ada Report Card dayyy! OH YEAHH. My mother will nag when she see my result. haha..Im ready fault..sape suruh tak belajar betol2 kan? hehe..pmr and spm sama jekot..amik 9 subjek juga. haihhh..TODAY, school day was awesome. YEAHHMAN. haha..ada ceramah Israk Mikraj and belajar chemistry je..yang lain, tak belajar. hehe..awesome rite? As for me, that was deadly awesome! homework. hehe. tapi recently punya homework, like a mountain. *over* For this July, Im looking forward for that thing! YAA, that thing. that thing. awwwwww! MENDE TU LAH. haha..keep it as a beautiful secret..when the time come, Im just gonna smile all day long, enjoying the love dovey moment. haha. gedik kan? OH, LIKE I CARE. haha. gedik kan? memang..
Emmm, how do you feel if your friend acting like seriously damnly annoying?? serabot kan? hypocryte pulak tu..mmg lagi menyerabotkan..ouhhh, saya dah bnyk buat dosa dgn gossiping about her like all time. haha. Ya, kejam? I know. Obviously, that gal, was like no life or what? seriously, retarded copy cat gilerr kay? huh -.-
Kay, i dont wanna start my first post of July dgn bercakap tentang dia. Seperti yang kamu semua boleh nampak, I've changed my backround. yea, just a lil bit of touch up..the past one was seriously lame. haha. lama2 tgk, mcm bosan je..takde yang fresh pun. So, tukar sikit..buang semua cookies yang menyerabutkan tu. haha. make it simple and presentable..
Thats all for now everybodyyyy. WEEEEEE.

Love, me 

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