Sunday, July 3, 2011


Assalamualaikum and a very good....night. haha. Yeah. just a crap updates. wanna share with ma friends! Yesterday, erm, got jual2 thingy in conjunction with SMKAA's walkathon and 1Murid 1Sukan 1Malysia. YEAH! Cool ryte? I know. Malaysia is just too awesome!..with this kind of activity. haha. all student with different school run at the same time. Concurrently! haha. cool! Again -.- And sekolah Afzan bertembung dgn Teknik masa lari. SMKAA? dont ask..they started late! OMG! Lateee! about 8:40am in the mowning. sucks rite? kaykay. semalam ada PUM, takdela penat sgt. okay laa.. naseb baik tak kena buat ice-blended, kalau tak, mmg tdo la keje bila nampak katil..haha..then, balik rumah, my lovely mom make potatoes gratine! COOOOOL! ahha. kay, saya suka kentang. ahha, like so-called gila kentang -.- not to foget, with cheese on top! Blasttt! Here's some!

And yeah, I ate two of them! So much delicious :)
Ah! 3 actually :D My mom is a great cooker. yea, be jealous ;P
Some more! Bring me some moree! Yea, thats all for now.

Love, me  

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