Wednesday, August 24, 2011

im just me.

Assalamualaikum. erm, today and today, I realized that ima hot tempered person. YEAHHH. I guess thats awesome! HAHA. teruk -.- thats even worse than worse. Okay, I must admit that ima hot tempered..bla bla bla. enuf talking bout dis. How was your day, readers? Me? I cried at school..hahaha. manjaaa kan? I tot that I promised myself not to cry at school after that incident. Hahaha, tapi, dah so what? Saya manjaa? BIARLAH. None of your business. MYOB kay? Please. And, one more thing, terima kasih kerana buat saya sedar yang saya mmg panas baran. Sometimes, our own bestfriend doenst know us..WE, US, OURSELF, ME, MYSELF never understand our feelings sometimes and being a youngster, its hard..really hard to control our emotional from getting rise. haha. *ayat mcm benda* So, yeah..from now onwards, I want to lower down my ego or hot tempered and I will try to be the best not only for me, but to people around me. I am so sorry, truly deeply from my heart. *eceh* And just pleasee, dont be annoying :P ITS SUCKS TO THE CORE. walao. I hate annoying people yet, I love being an annoyer and making`em annoyed me cuz I am annoying. ERKKK, apa ni? Hey, one more thing, there is no such word as annoyer! :D

Love, me.

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