Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pretty Little Liars!

Assalamualaikum. I've been following this series on 8tv and this movie is so damn epic. haha. drama giler ok! Tapi, plot cerita ni mmg terbaik wo! Phewww, If im not mistaken, I watched this movie since the beginning of this year, and tak habis2 lagi..serious, cerita ni mmg best..its about relationship, friendship, family..senang cerita all in one! Haha, dan, disebabkan, tak sabar nak tunggu cerita ni habis, sy pun surf internet and terjumpa ni..and I was like...serious weyh, cerita ni mmg best! Ending dia pun epic kot. YEAY, and that is why I prefer english movie, cause its enjoying..bukan nak kutuk drama melayu ke apa, but..alahai....nangis nangis nangis..bosan :) SO, I FOUND THIS and amik keputusan nak share..tak kira lah korang tgk ke tak, but make sure tgk kalaupun dah tahu ending dia..haha..I seriousy cant describe this series, its so damn damn damn damn my favourite *amboi* hahaha..after gossip girls tu, best tau cerita ni..

Alison has a twin sister named Courtney. Courtney has a history of pretending to be Ali since she has a mental issue, and she stays at a hospital which is why we never hear of Courtney. So one day (the day the girls try to steal Ali's flag), Courtney is home because she is switching hospitals, and Ali is up in her room. Courtney comes and befriends Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna while Alison is in the house. Mrs. Dilaurentis mistakes Ali for Courtney and takes her to the hospital. When Ali tries to tell her mom she is Ali, her mom thinks it's just Courtney pretending to be Ali again. So, Ali then spends some time in the preserve that Hanna stays at in the series which is how Iris knows Ali who she thinks is Courtney. So, this whole time Courtney is friends with the 4 girls who they think is Alison but it's not.

Saya share ni je la eh? haha..kang tak best pulak kalau korang dah tau ending dia? kan? 
Well, cerita ni based on novel tau..wuuuu! NAKKKKKKK!

So, jgn lupa k? Pretty Little Liars - 8tv - Monday - 2230pm
Hahaha, saya berkenan sungguh dgn English teacher dalam cerita ni..Mr Ezra Fitz, handsome and very the gentleman. woooo :) SUKAAA!
Some photo review

Ni la Ezra Fitz tu :P

Alahai ;)

See all the ladies? of the reason I love to watch this series..they a re all so gorgeous.
Saya suka watak Spencer! She is dropdeadpretty!

Jangan lupa tgk kayyy? hehehe..cepat! Before final episode! :)
Am in love with the soundtrack too! The Pierces - Secrets! Dgr la, meremang bulu roma :P

Love, me.

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