Thursday, December 20, 2012

its just a phase

Teenagers that was or were in love will always go through this phase of *drum rolls pls* Heartbroken. Ahhhhhhhhhh sick Im sick of every-thing-about-love. Ceh *ayat sakit hati* Love is good when it is right. Remember tht. After the second time in a row being cheated on (not to mention a very, very hmmm _____ relationship) I know he will always told me that it is my fault. Fine. It is my fault. I agree! (ha ha) But still, who was the first place to cheat? Like, twice? My head was spinning and I kept repeating...... ''I can't believe this is happening again, I can't believe this is happening again.....'' I thought I had met ''Mr. Right''......I know what you guys are this age? Probably no right? Yes. It turned out to be just a big, ugly mess. Its not a mistake. It is not. Really. Its a beautiful mistake. Really truly beautiful mistake. Am I being exaggerate? Tell me not! Being cheated on is the ultimate betrayal. But when it happened to me twice in a row, I was forced to take a long, hard look at myself. Tell the thruth, I still text him or whatever but after what had happened yesterday, its all over. He said.

Okay, back on track. What I found was being cheated on is like traumatic. The suspicions, the lies, the fights (which is the worst thing) and the moment of finding out. Yes, to-him-who-shouldnt-be-named, thanks for being completely honest. I must give you my standing ovation for that. Would my mine? *standing ovation* Okay Im done. He dont tell, I found it by myself who is that lucky girl. Congratulatuions, girl HOOOOO RAY for you. In some small way, it still stings sometimes to think about it. Whatever. It doesnt mean anything. Just because its still hurts doesnt mean I miss the relationship or him. Just that it hurt. And sucked. There's countless questions in my head Is she prettier, smartier, funnier, etc etc etc etc. and on and on until my head would explode! There is no definite answer. I'll go bananas trying to find it. Ha ha but I wont. Being cheated is incredibly hurtful. It is not only selfish but cruel.

To be completely honest because I never be honest before this. ( I AM JUST KIDDING) I was heartbroken, vulnerable, and yes, a little desperate. I have to open my eyes like really wide O.O and deal with it. What goes around comes around. One question, Does karma exist? It would be glad if Karma exist. Ha ha :C

Currently listening to Sayang - Shae. Oh shut up. /annoyed/

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Dear you,
       I cant wait to meet you. Been waiting for almost two years maybe? Hehe I can't wait can't wait can't wait! And pls, jgn botak? Eh? Hahaha



Hmm yeah ummm ahh? Hmmm uhhh ughh yeah hmm uhh huuu.
Haaaaaaaa?! Forget it. Tht moment when you get this random mood to write. Yes. To just write without even thinking..How I wish! Ths is just some itsy bitsy part of my holiday and opps! Forgot. BORING holiday. Yess I must admit T.T Hehe Spending time with my friends Anissa, Syed, Syazwina and Sarah. They just made my holiday seems much worth it.

Okay on Mond naik Bukit Pelindung and turun TC! Pergh! Mantap habis! Best gila! Hahaha lenjun baju and the most exciting part ada kabus dan hujan. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh heaven~ Tapi takdelah lebat and continuously hujan just drizzling and berhenti lps tu drizzling blik. The precious moment was masa dah nak turun Telok Chempedak tu dgr ombak...ahh sgt sgt sgt sgt best!


Rakan ekspedisiku haha Anissa takde dia tlg amik gmbr

Yes me again..Kata blog Ai? Hahaha Time ni senarnya tgh penat then rehat kejap sambil minum 100plus and mkn M&m's haha

Okay rasa mcm jakun sungguh bila smpi TC sbb lama tak jenguk hehehe Dan jakun sbb first time jungle trekking maybe? No!!! I mean it wasn't my first time jungle trekking.......first time je buat aktiviti mcm ni kat TC hehe Okay? Wht am I...........................zzz mengarut. Till here. Bye and Assalamualaikum.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 3

I guess Im fine for today. Holiday just super boring :(

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Brave? No.

Cause lately all we do is fight
and everytime it cuts me deeper

Just so you know, I am brave enough. Brave enough to forget you. Brave enough to get over you. Brave enough to give back your heart. Brave enough to swallow all these. Brave enough to watch you with her. Brave enough to think that this is all will sway away. Brave enough to face you. Brave enough to know I'll find someone better. Brave enough to know how much you love her. Brave enough to stand alone. Brave enough to walk the first step without you. Brave enough to wake up from my sleep. Brave enough to show you how much this can hurt me but change me inside. Brave enough to know and take the fact that you can still say I love You to her when we are still in our lovebird. Brave enough to be brave. Brave enough to still box this feeling up. Brave enough to show how I WILL be happy. Im brave because Allah. Because I know this is just a test from Him. Because I know when Allah send a sadness He will give twice a joy. Its so damn funny when you said that Allah itu Maha Kaya and you said that We all need changes. Well, I can see the changes you've made. The changes that really changed all my thought towards the good side of you. The changes that is not really should called a change. The changes that happened a day? The changes that hurt one side? The changes that willing to left someone without any good or concrete reason? The changes with loving someone better? The changes that you take which is loving someone you said better. The changes that the fact you're actually in love with someone else. Yes. Actually it is that right? Its okay. You are a good guy. Take care. I got this. This is all my fault. YES My fault and mad. Take the blame on me.

And I hope I can be really brave to take all these and Yes Its all over when you said You love her. I will always remember this. Always and always. Its hurt alot. Alot. Alot Alot. Alot Alot. Alot. You did it not once but twice with your excuse hati saya lembut. Ha ha? Making jokes are you? (Dont tell me) And yes I love someone that is in love with someone else. I still love you. Hmmmm. Thats all my friend. I hope all of you can read this and by the time we met lets not talk about this anymore. I've had enough. I've cried a lot. Alot. And these tears wont change anything. At all. We have done a lot of growing up and you opened my eyes that we were never meant to be together. And I think you should know this You deserve better than me :)

Its safe to say that Im ready to let you leave...
Mohd Al-Fatah, take care and May Allah bless you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


But baby dont cry ay ay ay ay ayya yaaay
You had my heart
Atleast for the most part
Cause everybody gonna die sometimes

So I cross my heart and I hope you die.



First attempt after SPM
Yes Spm is over. Glad? Nope. I just wrote 5 posts in 2012?! And its all just a piece of craps? Are you kidding me? Ha ha

Btw the title says it all Before SPM its about ever-single-thing After SPM rotting in home. As simple as that.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Its the first day of schooling after 2weeks af breaks! Still not enough for me :( I want more holidays, it makes me happy. Im happy because I can watch him from far. LOLS sobs Im be grateful for this day.

Dear Male,
Be a type af a guy that you want your daughter to be with.

Ich liebe dich. I dont know if its correct or not. I dont even care. haha
Till here, Have a nice day earthlings!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Renungan bersama~

بِســـمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيْـــــم

Jika kita marah-TOPUP wuduk untuk menyejukkan jiwa.
Jika kita bingung-KLIK doa agar tenang hati.
Jika kita dipuji-RELOAD syukur supaya tidak alpa
Jika kita gagal-DOWNLOAD usaha untuk memberi semangat.
Jika kita kecewa- RESTART tenaga agar sentiasa sedar.
Jika kita berdosa-UNDO perangai itu & bersolat
Jika kita berdendam-DELETE buruk sangka supaya bersih hati
Jika kita berbohong-BACKSPACE kata-kata untuk memperbetulkan   keadaan
Jika kita buat maksiat-REGISTER SOFTWARE sikap baru dan taubat nasuha


I really ultimately fancy this quotes. Islamic :)
Copied from FaceBook, tak salahkan copy perkara yang bagus :D


Assalamualaikum dan Hi!
I can see that my last update was in January! Say what! *facepalm* haha. This post have got nothing to do with my title, seriously non! I dont know where the title ''Woodie'' came from, just layan jelaa.hahaha

If u are a LADY , Take care of your BODY , Don't ever make a BABY , Without a DADDY

Do you know whats that means? Come on, takkan tak tahu ;) Peringatan untuk semua including me! Salam Sabtu :* Wait, do you know why out of sudden saya ada mood untuk update blog? Coz someone just asked me on how to handle blog and suddenly makes me remind about how muchhhh I miss my blog. errr. Dusta semata-mata.


Dear you,
If you still love me, please dont let me go. And, stay Loyal. Just please be a loyal guy.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Ubi :D

Assalamualaikum! Hari ni makan Ubi -.- Ibu mengidam punya pasal. hahahaa. Dulu zaman perang, makan ubi lah kan? Lemak~ Hahaa. Kalau hari hari makan mesti muak kan? Fuhh..bersyukur sekarang

Yes. It is yummy! Suka makan dgn gula merah tu :3
Hahahaha. Mmg terbaik dari ladang.