Saturday, June 9, 2012


Assalamualaikum dan Hi!
I can see that my last update was in January! Say what! *facepalm* haha. This post have got nothing to do with my title, seriously non! I dont know where the title ''Woodie'' came from, just layan jelaa.hahaha

If u are a LADY , Take care of your BODY , Don't ever make a BABY , Without a DADDY

Do you know whats that means? Come on, takkan tak tahu ;) Peringatan untuk semua including me! Salam Sabtu :* Wait, do you know why out of sudden saya ada mood untuk update blog? Coz someone just asked me on how to handle blog and suddenly makes me remind about how muchhhh I miss my blog. errr. Dusta semata-mata.

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