Thursday, December 20, 2012

its just a phase

Teenagers that was or were in love will always go through this phase of *drum rolls pls* Heartbroken. Ahhhhhhhhhh sick Im sick of every-thing-about-love. Ceh *ayat sakit hati* Love is good when it is right. Remember tht. After the second time in a row being cheated on (not to mention a very, very hmmm _____ relationship) I know he will always told me that it is my fault. Fine. It is my fault. I agree! (ha ha) But still, who was the first place to cheat? Like, twice? My head was spinning and I kept repeating...... ''I can't believe this is happening again, I can't believe this is happening again.....'' I thought I had met ''Mr. Right''......I know what you guys are this age? Probably no right? Yes. It turned out to be just a big, ugly mess. Its not a mistake. It is not. Really. Its a beautiful mistake. Really truly beautiful mistake. Am I being exaggerate? Tell me not! Being cheated on is the ultimate betrayal. But when it happened to me twice in a row, I was forced to take a long, hard look at myself. Tell the thruth, I still text him or whatever but after what had happened yesterday, its all over. He said.

Okay, back on track. What I found was being cheated on is like traumatic. The suspicions, the lies, the fights (which is the worst thing) and the moment of finding out. Yes, to-him-who-shouldnt-be-named, thanks for being completely honest. I must give you my standing ovation for that. Would my mine? *standing ovation* Okay Im done. He dont tell, I found it by myself who is that lucky girl. Congratulatuions, girl HOOOOO RAY for you. In some small way, it still stings sometimes to think about it. Whatever. It doesnt mean anything. Just because its still hurts doesnt mean I miss the relationship or him. Just that it hurt. And sucked. There's countless questions in my head Is she prettier, smartier, funnier, etc etc etc etc. and on and on until my head would explode! There is no definite answer. I'll go bananas trying to find it. Ha ha but I wont. Being cheated is incredibly hurtful. It is not only selfish but cruel.

To be completely honest because I never be honest before this. ( I AM JUST KIDDING) I was heartbroken, vulnerable, and yes, a little desperate. I have to open my eyes like really wide O.O and deal with it. What goes around comes around. One question, Does karma exist? It would be glad if Karma exist. Ha ha :C

Currently listening to Sayang - Shae. Oh shut up. /annoyed/

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