Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hmm yeah ummm ahh? Hmmm uhhh ughh yeah hmm uhh huuu.
Haaaaaaaa?! Forget it. Tht moment when you get this random mood to write. Yes. To just write without even thinking..How I wish! Ths is just some itsy bitsy part of my holiday and opps! Forgot. BORING holiday. Yess I must admit T.T Hehe Spending time with my friends Anissa, Syed, Syazwina and Sarah. They just made my holiday seems much worth it.

Okay on Mond naik Bukit Pelindung and turun TC! Pergh! Mantap habis! Best gila! Hahaha lenjun baju and the most exciting part ada kabus dan hujan. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh heaven~ Tapi takdelah lebat and continuously hujan just drizzling and berhenti lps tu drizzling blik. The precious moment was masa dah nak turun Telok Chempedak tu dgr ombak...ahh sgt sgt sgt sgt best!


Rakan ekspedisiku haha Anissa takde dia tlg amik gmbr

Yes me again..Kata blog Ai? Hahaha Time ni senarnya tgh penat then rehat kejap sambil minum 100plus and mkn M&m's haha

Okay rasa mcm jakun sungguh bila smpi TC sbb lama tak jenguk hehehe Dan jakun sbb first time jungle trekking maybe? No!!! I mean it wasn't my first time jungle trekking.......first time je buat aktiviti mcm ni kat TC hehe Okay? Wht am I...........................zzz mengarut. Till here. Bye and Assalamualaikum.

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