Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wednesday Girl

Got problem? (Ekspresi muka yang tak masuk sbb ada cekelat kanak kanak riang kat situ)
Cekelat cekelat pun, M&M's okay? So pls. Hehe. I just want to make this clear. There's nothing wrong in expressing yourself using your words and style. Like me, I prefer rojak je. My blog my style lah. I admit I dont have superb writing skills that you or my readers can find none grammatical errors whatsoever but lemme told you, there's superb stories with broken language. Hahaha Im not saying my stories are all superb (No way!) Uhh. The point is, a great blog doesnt have to be one with perfectly written grammar. Yes, somethimes the usage of correct grammar is important but yowww who cares? As long as the meaning is understood by me, Im putting my style on it. Sometimes I just purposedly mispell words to be seen as cute or just whatsoever. Although its not..(Hahahaha au dah kenapa Ariana, confession?) Just because one dont have exceleence (just tryna make it cute) (Well its not) Sorry, otak aku tgh monolog dalaman. Sambung balik. Just because one dont have excellence knowledge of writing doesnt meant one should stop from blogging or writing. I just get plain A in Spm, but still Im writing in Englis. Why? Because I love it and I love You. Haha kau dah knp. Ok bye lads :* I fee like brand new out of sudden. Well not sudden to be honest. I've driving class about an hour from now. Salam Perpaduan

I felt so cute in this picture. And I dont even know why
Sorry the for the non-connected-photo-with-pst, Excessive self admire I think Uh-Oh!

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