Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Have you ever heard someone say that there's no reason for people to visit your blog if you dont update your blog daily. To that I say "Ha!" Hahahahaha Hey come on I cant update my blog everyday. Well unless I have something to talk about but apparently I dont! So I cannot updare this blog every day and Im sorry okay? Life has been..I dont know. Not good I guess? But Alhamdulillah. I always complained about the boring of my home life but I know, definitely know I will miss this once I start to further my studies. So I just have to deal with this. But its funny how when one part of your life falls away,the other bits that are left start looking rather feeble. I've always thought that life will always be happy and Im never going to change who I am. But now Im thinking I've never exactly who I am before bcs people change and its your choice to lead the changes to something good or bad. I once read that the teenage years can be a constant battle. Well ehem this is my final year being in a battle I guess? Im 19 and 20 is not consider as a teenage anymore. Hm sad truth. Questions, what is Happy? And is it okay to feel a constant depression?

But first let me take a selfie 
Oh and currently Im having this massive obsession towards boy bands. You know they're rad? Haha and I've ask fm account(bajet tak). Im bored so I make one. Feel free to ask me anything there. You can just type aplusrx and you can comment me or anything. Im open. Assalamualaikum.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


So, just a sprinkle of update after a long time of nothing?
Happy June to everyone.
Good day.